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Why I joined

Well I don't even know if anyone will be readding this right now I mean It's july and no one is really thinking about christmas.
I joined this group because I love christmas. It's the only holiday I decorate for. Last year we had this little 4 foot tree and It was ok but I wanted more. You know how they have sales after the holidays. Well that's when I hit the chirstmas fever. I bot a new tree a 6 fotter and all kinds of stuff,garland, lights, and all kinds of ordaments. It's a bigger tree and I didn't have any lights because the 4 foot was a prelighted tree. So we had to get everything. I mean we had stuff but we needed more for the new tree. I even went to K-mart and took stuff of there display tree. I had people working there giving me mean looks. I didn't care I wanted the ordaments and it wasn't like the coouldn't replace them next year. I thought it was funny.
Then christmas was over and I ended upi putting the 6 foot tree up just to see what it would look like and I kept it up until new years day.
So as you can see I love chirstmas.
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