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Looking for people in Italy (Roma) for Shootings

Dear friends! IMPORTANT and URGENTLY!!!!!
The film crew of the "3 TV channel - Moscow" is planning on business trip to Roma from the 23rd of December to the 1st of January. The purpose - shootings of special reportings for our project "City. Different". Themes - Christmas and New year. Except all standard preparations for these holidays, we would like to film interesting human stories about different people connected with Christmas and New year. For example, people have got married (or are going to get married) these days, someone gave birth to a child in last year in Christmas, etc. - and the more unusual story the more it is perfect of course!!!!
These Reports will be broadcasting in prime-time in Russia. You will be seen by relatives and friends. And the main thing - we shall send a copy of report on DVD that it will be fine memory for the whole life.
Moreover we are also looking for an italian-russian interpreter in Roma,Italy for fees.
Contact information: producer Anastasiya -
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