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Mr. Cellophane

Candy Cane

I've always enjoyed the most iconic of Christmas candy treats: the candy cane. They've always come in a manner of shapes, sizes, and flavors (which I will investigate in a later article), but I've always stuck to the orginal pepermint candy cane.

However, all that has changed. On a trip yesterday to find article material, I ended up in a place called Cost Plus World Market. I'd never been in the store so I thought it was worth a look and wasn't even expecting to find anything there. Boy was I wrong, they a had a ton of Christmas related item, most of it candy: kiddie sized cakes, gingerbread house shaped gummies ("hand painted" said the label), giant talking Santa Pez dispencers, and more.

The item that had me most interested was the gigantic candy cane. Sadly I don't have any pictures to show this monstrosity of holiday sweetness, so grab a ruler and follow along/ The can (according to the label) weighs in at 1lb. 3.4oz, measures 1ft. 6 inches lengthwise and has a diameter of an inch. According to the nutritional label the giganticane is the equivalent of 39 standard canes and eating the whole thing would net 2145 calories (fat free!)

Now the question is, who was a candy cane this size made for and what does a normal person do with it? The cane is too large for and child or adult to enjoy, so I surmise its creation was intended for the Giant Space Baby (tm).

I have no idea what to do with a candy cane this size. So far I've played with it like it was a real cane or weapon and have kept in hanging in the closet. Eventually I guess I'll eat it (or as much as I can stand), the label says it good until Dec 2004, I hope I can finish it by then.

Note: Research has found that there is a larger candy cane, weighing in at 2lbs. However it log shaped instead of the tradional cane shape. I've not found a larger cane of the normal shape (but I'll keep my eyes open)
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