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Holiday Homicide

I have a friend who does not like family get-togethers all that much. Her family does not do anything for Thanksgiving, and so she was looking for another way to amuse herself over the break, since she wanted to avoid going home. "If I do," she proclaimed, "there'll be a holiday homicide or something."

I thought "holiday homicide" was a great phrase, appropriate to my thoughts about several holidays, chief among them being The Day After Thanksgiving, when I somehow found myself at the Mall of America. Not my idea!

I figured we were in trouble when we had to drive all the way up to the roof of the parking ramp to find a place to park. Inside, the mall was full of people with cell phones and children. Eating at the food cout would've been pleasant enough except every single table was taken. It was totally crazy.

I didn't buy anything (except lunch), being a fan of the Adbusters' Buy Nothing Day idea--not that that's the real reason, the real reason is probably that I'm poor and never like shopping--so I don't even care how good the sales were. Besides, people are crazy about that, too. Here's proof.

Anyway, my friend and I have added Holiday Homicide to the list of things we'd like to name hypothetical punk bands. I thought it appropriate for this community.
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